About Us

Welcome to the Lingo Littles family!!! Keep reading to get to know more about the people behind Lingo Littles: Veronica, her husband Lubrik, their daughter Kalia, and lifetime friend Lise.

How it all began

Lingo Littles began out of necessity and an idea.

Veronica and Lise are longtime friends and two young mothers who have been struggling to teach their children various languages. Veronica grew up speaking Spanish at home, French at school and English in the school yard. Today, she is still fluent in all three languages. When she and her husband, Lubrik, had their daughter, Kalia, they knew they wanted her to grow up learning the same three languages. 🧐

But they needed a plan.

Since Lubrik spoke English and French, but not Spanish, they could expose Kalia to at least two out of the three languages. On top of this, Kalia was learning French at daycare and English from friends and surroundings in Toronto. Spanish, however, was more difficult since Veronica was the only parent fluent in Spanish and her family lived in Montreal.

Therefore, they decided to use any Spanish toys and books they could get their hands on. Luckily, Lubrik understood a little Spanish because of similarities with French so he could read in Spanish surprisingly well, albeit slowly.

Although toys and books have been very difficult to come by, Kalia has been picking up Spanish quite well. Even Lubrik has been learning some new Spanish vocabulary. Mainly because he doesn’t want Kalia to grow up and make fun of him without him understanding. 😅

Lise was experiencing similar difficulties teaching her two sons Mandarin, Spanish and Mina languages. Both Lise and Veronica had gone through (sometimes very! 🤔) creative ways to find toys, activities, and support to teach their children new languages. That’s when they knew there had to be an easier way.

Veronica had the idea of providing a place where parents in similar situations could have easy access to toys and books in the language they needed as well as find information on language acquisition in children. She imagined how much easier exposing Kalia to a new language would have been if she had this resource in the beginning. Excited at the thought of helping other parents, Veronica, Lubrik and Lise started working on creating Lingo Littles, and today, you’re browsing the results of this idea born out of necessity. 

What we do

Lingo Littles imports toys, games, and books in multiple languages from around the world aimed for children 0 to 7 years old. Key to our process is consulting experts in language development and play-based learning to bring parents the best information and research to support them through their journey.

Our children also help curate our inventory which ships to your home anywhere in Canada from Toronto without hefty international shipping, import or duty fees!! 

Our mission

Our mission is simple: to cultivate language in children through play.

We aim to help parents bring down language barriers and empower them to turn their children into true polyglots …all while having fun!!! 🙂😀😁

Lingo Littles founders Lubrik, Veronica and their daughter, Kalia